About the Gradepen


  • Create your tests on our website and correct them with your smartphone. This is the idea of Gradepen.

  • Create open-ended or objective questions with Figures graphs or equations.

  • Reduces the time you take to create a test by reusing your registered questions or by selecting questions from the database of public questions..

  • Create a different test for each student by automatically randomizing the order of questions.

  • Correct 30 tests in less than 10 minutes! No strain no errors.

  • Test Gradepen for free! As a special offer compile your tests for free. Correcting tests of up to five questions is also temporarily free (so you can try out the system). You have to pay for any and all tests that have more than five questions. Install the application and see what correction packages are available on Google Play® and App Store®


    Preparing your tests is FREE just register on the site. There are two steps to take to create your test: assembling the test and formatting the printout. After you do that a file in PDF format will be created containing all the tests which you can download to your computer smartphone or tablet and then print.

  • How much does it cost to compile my tests on the website ?

    As a special offer this is FREE!

  • How do I compile a test?

    You must register on the website and access the Tests page. The test is compiled in three steps: choosing the questions choosing the scores and determining the number of different tests.

  • How do I choose a question?

    You can create a question or select a question from the database of public questions.

  • How do I choose a question from the database of public questions?

    Just click on the Tests page and write the subject in the Search Questions field. You can use the question in full or edit it thus creating a new version.

  • How do I create a question?

    On the Tests page click on Register new test or select one of the tests you have already registered. Click on New Question and type in the content of the question and the information requested.

  • Can I insert a Figure or an equation in the text of the question or in the multiple-choice answers?

    You can insert equations and figures in both the text of a question and into the multiple-choice answers. Just click on the text field and select the \load image\ button or the \write an equation\ button which are on the right side of the text field.

  • If a test is excluded are the questions also excluded from my account?

    No the questions remain available for you to reuse in new tests. Just look for them with the search tool.

  • How do I edit the header of the test?

    There are two alternatives for the header: use the standard header provided by the site (you can insert your institution\s logo by adding an image) or you can edit a customized image of the header you want and insert this image as a header.

  • How do I choose the number of distinct tests that will be generated?

    After selecting the questions that make up the evaluation click on Prepare Print in the lower right corner. The Prepare Print window will open and you can choose the number of different tests how the questions are randomized etc. Other interesting options can also be selected in this window such as the format of the test.

  • How do I choose the formatting of my test?

    The Prepare Print window has fields that must be filled in and that define the format of the test. The standard format is a double column (with 11pt font) front and back printing for the printer Answer Sheet on the first page just after the header and randomizing the items and questions.

  • Do I have to register a security password for each test that I create?

    Yes it is very important to register a password because if the test does not have a password any device that has the application installed can do the correction. When correcting tests you\ll need to enter the password once when correcting the first test. After that the password is recorded on the device. For security reasons the site does NOT keep any password. Therefore it is your responsibility to keep the passwords of the tests that you draft. If you lose the password of your test the correction of this evaluation should be done online on the “Answer Sheet’ page.


    Test correction is done exclusively with your smartphone or tablet. You should download our app available on Google Play® for Android or on the App Store® for IOS. There are two types of corrections: i) FREE if the test has up to five questions; Ii) PAID if the test has more than five questions. To do the correction in the paid mode you must acquire correction credits.

  • How do I correct a test?

    Open the application and point the camera so that it frames the QRcode until you hear a beep. Enter the security password to unlock the correction of this test (the password is entered once and is stored). Point the camera and frame the viewfinder on the Answer Sheet until you hear a beep. The correction will be displayed on the screen with the grade obtained.

  • How do I correct a test that has open questions?

    Follow the same steps as for the previous item. After you see the correction of the test on the screen manually enter the value of the corrected open question. Click on the screen of your smartphone and enter the score.

  • After I finish correcting all tests how do I generate a report of these with the calculated scores?

    You can export all scores to an Excel file and send them to your e-mail. To do so go to the ‘Share’ icon tick the box next to the ID code of the test and click to send to your email.

  • How do I get correction credits?

    You must purchase credits directly on the Gradepen App so a credit card that has been registered is required in your store account of Google Play® for Android or on the App Store® for IOS.

  • What is the cost per correction?

    The cost of the correction varies according to the package of correction credits that you choose. See the options in the application itself.

  • How are the correction credits counted?

    After each correction using the device the number of correction credits available is decreased by one.

  • Do the correction credits expire?

    Correction credits do not have a date of expiry so they do not expire. However they are not transferable to another device.


    Make the answer sheets of your tests available online on our website. Here´s why: i) your student can correct his/her test and confirm his/her grade; ii) You can correct the tests if you have problems on your device (damaged stolen etc ...). The answer sheet will only be available for others on the website after you publish it

  • How do I release the online answer sheet of a test?

    First only make the answer sheet available after applying the test (be careful with the test identification code). Login to your account and click on the page Gabaritos which will display a list with the identification code of all your tests. Choose the test and tick it to release the answer sheet.


    Gradepen has a database of public questions which are available to all users to assist in the test preparation. This database of questions is fueled by questions prepared by the users of Gradepen. When a user creates a question the user has the exclusivity of use of this question for six months (private questions). After this period the question will become shared with all users when it becomes a public question.

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